Fatherless Child 💔💪🏾

A Poem

The words of a single mother trapped in the thoughts of her children’s feelings of being fatherless. It’s not easy doing it alone. Sometimes I don’t have all the answers to their wildest questions. I don’t know how to answer the “where he at? Why he don’t call?” Questions anymore. How do you explain to your kids its not their fault their sperm donor missed out on the biggest reward in life. I love writing when I’m emotional because when you read it you can see my attitude change and the poem becomes uplifting & Encouraging. My poems never end on a bad note. Being a single parent gives you strength, double the love & you get to give double the love. 😍😍 #momlife #bloglife #bosslife #poetryistherapy


Have you ever had a story to share,

But you’ve been silenced?

You feel as if you’re shouting,

Yet itsi coming out as faint whispers.

No one wants to listen.

Have you ever been beaten,

But no one would listen?

Cried out for help,

But they think you’re crazy.

Nah, what’s crazy is constantly being

abused and raped, but no one wants

to listen.

The woman is blamed for looking too

pretty, having too little clothes.

The woman is blamed for “his” aggression.

She’s told SHUT-UP!

Dont fight!


Give up!

See me, I can’t be silenced.

My story is too big.

&& I have kids.

It’s getting to the point,

this pain I can’t bare.

And so far this fight isn’t fair 😭

How do you see the light when the

sunshine is no longer bright.

You’re tired of this game .

Game of Life or death.

But I won’t die.

Im going to cut the tie that’s

snug all over my body,

So that I can get up and fly.

With every soar, my story I

will pour.

A little here.

A little there, because Shaquana will

NOT shut up or give up.

The fight is mine.

And I’m sure to win it in due time. 😊

Written by: your’s truly Alaze’ThePoet